Djimm is a pseudonym for the web development & graphic design portfolio of Jim Richardson. First set up in 1998 at Leeds Met University, Djimm has been involved in a number of design and development projects including the production of online learning material for the University of Huddersfield and designing web pages for the Sheffield Children's NHS trust. Corporate website clients include AMEC, Qualter Hall, Leighmans and many others.

Jim Richardson is a qualified sound & media engineer with a passion for web design/development and multimedia. One half of the team that produced the award winning "Mowax" CD-ROM (best multimedia 1999 LMU degree show), Jim specialises in web development using HTML, CSS, SCSS, XML, JQuery, AJAX and PHP/MySQL. Other skills include Linux/Apache server admin, graphic design and an excellent working knowledge of usability, accessiblity and cross-platform issues. Jim is also highly proficient in industry standard software packages such as the Adobe suite and Inkscape.

His hobbies include playing the guitar, collecting weird fiction and fighting a battle of wills with his pet Border Collie.

The many faced Djimm

Where does the name Djimm come from?

I get asked this alot! A Djinn is a creature from mythology (basically a Genie, as in Aladdin's lamp). If you spell it Djimm it has my name as the middle three letters. Back through the mists of time I began using it as a Quake nickname, and when I came to produce my own website it seemed like a good choice for a domain name. Unlike alot of names on the web, not many people seem to use it so I've stuck with it. For the record, it's pronounced "Jim" (silent D).

Download Jim's final year dissertation "Cyberthreat".

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"What use spring's blossom?
Fallen idle on asphalt
As names upon stone"
"When someone knows something well, it will not be seen in his manner. This person is genteel."
Functionally, silver is both lighter and harder than lead and makes inferior bullets, at least for modern firearms...
I still love Firefox, but Chrome is hard to argue with...
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Modern Warfare on PS4
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Neuromancer by William Gibson
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